yasmin Marrero
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hi, i'm yasmin.

i partner with, and create for, individuals who desire the agency and confidence to live a fulfilling life. my work maximizes one’s personal capacity for self-guidance, change, and embodied fulfillment.

i believe that fulfillment is personal. i believe it is experienced in the body in the present moment. i believe we cultivate it through practices that meet us where we are. i believe as leaders and community, we can embody a different way of being. i ask, how can we truly see how we show up in different parts of our lives, accept ourselves, and move in an embodied way towards our own version of a balanced life? integrating anti-capitalist principles and somatic practices along the way, we discover the answer together.


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empowerment coaching and facilitation unveils our agency over what we think and how we live. agency is our source of fulfillment. fulfillment is our birthright.

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