Yasmin Marrero

Leadership and Empowerment Coach

Helping you unleash the power of your personal truth,

overcome professional and intimate challenges,

 and design a life you truly love.

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⇾ You feel stuck, like there is a hurdle in the way of your authentic fulfillment, joy, and success. You can't seem to shake the expectations of others.  

⇾ You're in need of someone that's going to resonate with your experience and provide you with guidance on taking your life to the next level.

⇾ You are ready to expand your expression of leadership, rooting it not in a title but in your authentic being, vision, purpose, and strengths.

⇾ You're tired of the same profile of facilitators and speakers coming to your community leaving you with nothing but an inspirational word. Their stories don't resonate with those of you community. You know you deserve something deeper and richer.

Does this sound like you?

I get it. I hear you. I'm here to help.


Hey, I'm Yasmin!

I'm a Leadership and Empowerment coach ready to take you to the next level of your life. As a first generation Latina American, I can relate to feeling lost, like you've been living by the expectations of everyone but your own. Some parts of your life don't look like you want them to. You're ready to level up in your career, life, and being, but don't know where to start or even how. 

I overcame these challenges and now I specialize in working with women and first generation Americans  on these very challenges. After working with me, you will feel clarity on how to overcome this obstacle you face, the guidance to do so, and the power to grow beyond it, taking you to the next level of your empowered life. 



First Generation American is defined here as any individual residing in America that is the first in their family to do something that changes the legacy of their lineage. This could be someone who was the first born in America, the first to go to college, or the first to start a business. This includes African Americans, Native Americans, and individuals whose families have resided in America for several generations.


Leadership is the process by which a vision becomes a reality, typically with a group but also within self. We are all leaders and in order to embody leadership we need to understand ourselves (self-awareness), define our vision, and be empowered to move forward with exploration and reflection top of mind. Leadership thus is a pillar in all the work I do. To be a leader is to be the creator of your (and sometimes other's) success. To be a leader is to be continuously growing and evolving to be your best self, by your own standards.


—  Monica Berry, Founder, Cielo Goods

“I have an empowerment coach. With [Yasmin], I've broken through all kinds of blockages. If you see me trying new things, investing in myself and my business, setting some loving boundaries and in general glowing up - Yasmin has had a part in it.” 


—  Kaamilya KoKeaux Antjè

"During Yasmin's workshops you learn skills, habit changing techniques and positive thought provoking tools that equip you to be mindful of self. This is a place where women gather to empower and grow interdependent and independently. I was able to learn how to be one with my self, the awareness of condescending thoughts and beliefs. Henceforth, I have better tools to keep me focused on myself, my goals, my happiness and worthiness."



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