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about me.
note: this about me page is under current reconstruction!

for now, this page will have my short & sweet professional bio. i recognized that i wanted this about me to have more on my values and principles. stay tuned for the intentional adaptation!

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yasmin Marrero is a coach and facilitator that centers embodied leadership and culturally-aware empowerment. She believes self-empowerment is a relationship between fulfilling personal development and supportive cultural systems. Internationally, she has used her relational approach to curate learning and development experiences that leverage behavioral neuroscience, organizational change, somatics and empathic facilitation. These experiences help organizations, communities, and individuals live their values as verbs. Through partnership, she disrupts cycles that reinforce that leadership and fulfillment are reserved for those with higher levels of privilege and access.

*the y is lowercase on purpose. my inspiration came from bell hooks, adrienne maree brown, & lucille clifton.⁣
** by -isms i mean capitalism, patriarchy, racism, sexism, all the -isms & -archies that strip us of our inner authority & agency.

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