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the intimate intro

hey y’all, i am yasmin*! 🌻⁣

i am a being who loves to laugh, who is easily amused by the delights of life, & almost always has a smile on her face. ⁣

i am a friend. i am a lover. i am a BFTP family member. i am a truth-seeker. i am a “do what your body needs & f*ck the rest” kinda woman. ⁣

i am here to offer what i can so folks can unlock their confidence & agency to live deep, fulfilling lives.⁣

i am a coach & facilitator that uses leadership, neuroscience, empowerment, somatic principles, anti-isms** & pro-human strategies to guide you to greater. ⁣

i am an American-born, all-around first generation Dominican & Puerto Rican. i am my mother’s daughter. i am a product of my abuela, auntie, papa & mama.

i am a product of all the people in my life.

*the y is lowercase on purpose. my inspiration came from bell hooks, adrienne maree brown, & lucille clifton.⁣
** by -isms i mean capitalism, patriarchy, racism, sexism, all the -isms & -archies that strip us of our inner authority & agency.

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the professional intro

Yasmin Marrero is a coach and facilitator centering leadership, empowerment, and somatic principles. She partners with, and creates for, individuals who desire the agency and confidence to live a fulfilling life. With a background in behavioral neuroscience and training in organizational change and leadership coaching from Northwestern University, it is her intention to disrupt the norms that reinforce the idea that self-discovery and fulfillment are reserved for those with higher levels of privilege and resources. 


Yasmin is recognized for her personalized workshops on authentic leadership and self-development. She has facilitated for a diverse range of communities including the University of Iowa’s Women of Color Network, Islamic Networks Group, Yale Ciencia Academy, and local Iowa City Public High Schools. She currently guides Connect & Cultivate, the only BIWOC Empowerment Circle offered in Iowa City, IA. Yasmin collaborates with the Radical Reimagining collective to expand this impact globally.


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