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discovery arises when we are
deeply seen, heard, and understood.
discovery inspires soul-centered action.
coaching partnerships 
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it is my intention as a coach to disrupt the norm that states the power of self discovery and embodiment of a fulfilling life is reserved for those with higher levels of privilege and resources.

Coaching provides a partnership for an individual's self-discovery journey. With a background in behavioral neuroscience, learning, and organizational change, I curate a coaching and group experience that provides:

  • the grounding space to explore

  • gentle accountability and clarity to take action

  • the tools necessary for you to continue your growth experience through self-coaching

select a coaching partnership below to learn more.

journey to fulfillment

3-5 month partnership exploring your current landscape, discovering your map of fulfillment and shifting towards that aligned reality

embodied leadership focus session

2 hour focus session on clarifying, embracing. and embodying your unique leadership style

virtual facilitation focus session

2 hour focus sessions diving into the elements of authentic and impactful virtual facilitation

journey to fulfillment

fulfillment and satisfaction are all deeply personal ways of living our values in the present moment. through this 3-5 month long partnership, together we dive into the parts of living that don't feel in alignment, identifying and shifting towards your map of fulfillment.

3-5 month commitment| sliding scale rooted in accessibility | testimonials

how can we truly see how we show up in different parts of our lives, accept ourselves, and move in an embodied way towards our own version of a balanced life?

journey to fulfillment coaching

leadership focus sessions

the shape of your leading is yours to own and a gift you offer those with you. leadership thus is a unique style embodied in each of us. in these focus sessions, we intentionally explore and clarify the elements of your leadership based on an area of focus or question you already have. this partnership breeds awareness of key elements to your leadership style with clarity in communicating and embodying it through tools and practice.

2 hour session + prep| sliding scale rooted in accessibility | testimonial

embodied leadership focus sessions 

how can we embrace our unique leadership style in an embodied sense of confidence, clarity, and grounding for our communities?

virtual facilitation sessions

impactful virtual facilitation focus sessions 

how might we cultivate the virtual spaces that allow for empathic, authentic, and emergent connection?

i believe authentic and impactful facilitation is a learned embodiment. it is cultivated through awareness and grounding in the somatic synergy of facilitator, community, and content. these focus sessions are designed to clarify the principles and practices that allow facilitators to embody elements like psychological safety in a holistic way. this can be a general assessment of approach or focused on a particular challenge you bring to the session.

2 hour session + prep| sliding scale rooted in accessibility | testimonial

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