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hi, i'm yasmin.

i partner with, and create for, individuals who desire the agency and confidence to live a fulfilling life. my work maximizes one’s personal capacity for self-guidance, change, and embodied fulfillment.

i believe that fulfillment is personal. i believe it is experienced in the body in the present moment. i believe we cultivate it through practices that meet us where we are. i ask, how can we truly see how we show up in different parts of our lives, accept ourselves, and move in an embodied way towards our own version of a balanced life? we discover the answer together.

it is my intention as a coach to disrupt the norm that the power of self discovery and embodying a fulfilling life is reserved for those with higher levels of privilege and resources.

Coaching provides a partnership for an individual's self-discovery journey. With a background in behavioral neuroscience, learning, and organizational change, I curate a coaching experience that provides:

  • the grounding space to explore

  • gentle accountability to take action

  • the tools necessary for you to continue your growth experience through self-coaching


group offerings 

Imagine your group showing up everyday feeling confident, empowered, and ready to conquer the day. Sow into your team by providing the tools and techniques that will help them lead a more fulfilling life. All group workshops are tailored to the group using a multidisciplinary approach designed to unlock each individual's agency. Schedule a virtual call with me to discuss your group's needs.

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