empowered by yasmin.
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empowerment* (n):
the unfurling of the power that already exist inside you; the encouragement of liberation living in the body by internal & external shapings; 
*as defined by yasmin

let's live our values as verbs.

my work roots in empowerment and liberation, taking the bodyful* shape of fulfilling personal development and supportive cultural systems. my work takes the hand of individuals, leaders, coaches, communities, organizations, and group of people to facilitate intentional change towards embodied, culturally-aware empowerment. together, we create possibilities for living your values as verbs and cultivate the seeds for integrating it into our being.

hi, i am yasmin*.

i am a coach and facilitator that centers embodied leadership and culturally-aware empowerment.

i believe that fulfillment and leadership is personal. i believe it is experienced in the body in the present moment. i believe we cultivate them through practices that meet us where we are. i believe as individuals and communities, we can embody a different way of being. through my coaching and facilitation i ask, how can we honestly see ourselves as we are right now, accept ourselves, and move in an embodied way towards our own version of an empowered life? integrating liberation principles and somatic practices along the way, we discover the answer together.