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plotting the seeds for fulfillment Email Offering

Dec 28th - Jan 1st, 2020 (last opening!)

going into this new year, we probably realize things are different. attempting to create a radical goal for ourselves or completely ignoring our need for growth might not be the place to start. instead, we can look at this new year as a new plot of land and decide we will plant the seeds of a fulfilling life. this begins by knowing which seeds hold that fruit, and secretly you already do, you just haven’t revealed that knowing yet!


in this four-day email offering Plotting the Seeds for Fulfillment, you’ll identify the seeds you desire to plot this new year by connecting to the knowings you already have. each day you'll receive an email with an audio visualization (plus transcription), a guidance letter, and an exercise to take you deeper.


 you set the price of this exchange and the rhythm you dive in!

Knowing leads to Plotting. Plotting leads to practicing. practicing leads to living.


this offering is delivered via email across four days, the best part is that you’ll keep them forever. this allows you to come back and revisit, these things will shift as you grow.


in each email you will receive one audio visualization meditation (plus transcription), a guiding letter, and an exercise to help you identify your seeds for fulfillment.


here's the breakdown:


day zero: you’ll get a grounding letter to set the stage for what is to come.


day one: defining fulfillment starts with defining failure and hardship in a real way, exposing the illusion that often haunts us.


day two: on the opposite end of the plot is success. you’ll be guided to defining success and bliss to expose the illusions it holds.


day three: feeling and tuning into what sits between the ends of failure and success, hardship and failure, identifying the parts that help define your fulfillment.

day four: creating our guiding light, a piece that entails the practices that plot the seeds for a fulfilling life.

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