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Integrity, Equity & Pricing

To set a price on a service without considering the humanity of those receiving and giving, I believe, is to continue the cycle of inequity that exists across the world. 

To break this, I use a sliding scale approach modeled from other anti-oppression, pro-liberation entrepreneurs* that I admire. This scale invites us to take the first step in acknowledging where we are financially and socially during and beyond this moment. It asks us to define what our society assigns us as privileges and disadvantages. This also takes into account what I need to be well and working under these oppressive systems as a first generation Afro-caribbean woman born into low socioeconomic status in the United States.

I ask that you take the factors below into consideration alongside what feels in integrity for you when selecting your price.

Thank you for being in practice with me.

Considerations for Self-Pricing

Consider paying lower on the scale if you:

- have student loans you pay for monthly

- support children, family, or other dependents

- are a single parent and/or are the only source of income in your home

- have significant debt that takes a considerable amount of your income

- receive any form of public assistance

- have immigration-related expenses

- are an elder with limited financial resources

- have been denied work due to incarceration history or disability

- are a teacher in a public school system 

- are a student (if this is true for you, please contact me directly)

Consider paying higher on the scale if you:

- own the home you live in or own any property

- have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money

- travel for leisure or recreationally

- have multiple sources of income by choice

- have a relatively high degree of earning power due to your level of education, assigned gender, race, class, and the like based on the dominant groups of your society (even if you do not actively leverage this power, as you may benefit from it without awareness).


Current Pricing

Be aware that if you choose lower on the scale when in fact you can afford the higher ticket, you are limiting access to those who truly need the financial flexibility. 


Also, please be aware that if you chose higher than you can afford, you may be causing unnecessary stress/ activation in your body.

i share my pricing in a practice of disrupting predatory pricing models that trap or mislead people. These prices are based on my true needs instead of "market price".

Through your investment you not only fuel your empowerment, you help care for me and all those who are connected to this work. Thank you.

Current coaching pricing:

  • 3-month commitment

    • $120 - $160/ session = $360-480/ month

    •  3 session per month with one week of integration

    •  bi-weekly, monthly or full payment with a testimonial at the end

  • 4-month commitment

    •  $100 - $140/ session = $300-420/ month

    •  3 session per month with one week of integration.

    •  bi-weekly, monthly or full payment with a testimonial at the end

  • Note: Actual price = $125/ session, $375/ month

Current HD-specific session pricing:

By choosing the investment you are engaging in the practices of a more sustainable and just community, where we dismantle oppression by honoring our humanity and liberation.

Thank you for embarking in this practice with me.

*Special thanks to Toi Marie Smith, Ride Free Fearless Money and Worts + Cunning Apothecary, and Nicola Brown for being the models I needed.

Updated 10 October 2023

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coaching testimonials

"Coming out of working with Yasmin feels like I'm taking in deep breaths of fresh air for the first time all over again. It's not that I'm back to my old self — far from it, actually. I'm a brighter, more powerful me that's fully informed by who I once was in such that who I am now was always there within me. Yasmin helped to unleash what was deep down inside, and although it wasn't always easy, I can say my life is changed. I'm empowered. I'm nurtured. I'm someone who sees now that I can have it all. I wouldn't be here without this beautiful coaching experience."

—  Michelle R. Johnson, Coffee disruptor

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