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personalized short-term coaching


    In my one-on-one coaching, I aim to coach individuals toward themselves. My coachees develop a sense of self that tunes into their values, beliefs, and desires in action and in presence. In doing so, they get into a relationship of ease with their individual agency, self-understanding, and self-actualization. What follows is a better sense into the places and spaces that support them with greater clarity and call for change in the places that do not. Thus they embody a leadership in their lives and roles that help them facilitate thriving. 

    With a background in behavioral neuroscience, learning, and organizational change, I curate a coaching and group experiences that provide:

  • the grounding space to explore

  • gentle accountability and clarity to take action

  • the tools necessary for you to continue your growth experience through self-coaching after our journey

    A 3-5 month agreement looks like private one-on-one coaching once a week where i am your partner in discovering and embarking on the changes you desire for your profession, personhood, and life. See pricing model and philosophy here.


    Does this sound like a partnership that you or someone you know would benefit from? I invite you to schedule a free 50-minute discovery call with me below so we can explore the possibility together! 

    Some words that come to mind about what we can do together: clarify, articulate, explore, discover, process, move through, sense into, experiment, play with, grieve over, approach, iterate, establish, adapt, cultivate, unveil, develop.


workshop curation and facilitation

    Long gone are the days where professional development feels like a burden. I offer custom tailored workshops and presentations for speaking engagements that are developmental, empowering, and dynamic.

    Increasing inner-confidence, encouraging self-discovery, and building a sense of empowerment for the individual contributes to the whole by:

   - Acknowledging individual needs
   - Empowering individuals to take ownership
   - Increasing overall confidence
   - Provide a mirror for where they are developmentally

    My 60-120 minute workshops that i craft and facilitate with these guiding forces. These workshops can be part of a series or independently run based on our co-created intention and goals. All workshops incorporate somatics/ embodiment, self-discovery, and culturally-aware concepts. I may include additional concepts such as leadership, anti-capitalism, equity-informed relational dynamics, storytelling and others after building an understanding of intention and goals.


   As a certified Intercultural Development Inventory® Qualified Administrator, these workshops can also be specifically curated for equity-informed intercultural development. 

   If this sounds like something your group, team, or organization would benefit from, i'd love to chat with you more through a 50-minute discovery call. Schedule a complimentary call below!

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