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Shift & Become:

a discovery circle

the short:

A 75-minute softly guided virtual dialogue for wrestling with the wildness of the ever changing internal and external world.

The experience will allow space for individual and collective reflection, giving access to new insights on how to shape our becoming moving forward. This space is especially useful for those grappling with change or shifting looking for other people that share this moment.

Wild Flowers

the premise:

Change is always occurring, whether within us or outside of us. We move from discomfort to agency, uncertainty to progress, uneasiness to freedom, experiencing everything in between. Typically we focus on return to a state of balance, but what happens if we take a moment to reflect and witness ourselves in the change? What if we shift our perspective to honor the place we are in now to unveil what it offers us? 

Shift & Become is the inclusive discovery circle for wrestling with this change, leaning on radical compassion and reflection to discover our becoming. 

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Thursday Nov 12th at 11:00p PT/ 1:00p CT/ 2:00p ET/ 7:00p BST

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