Conquering Self-Doubt: Using Your Power to Rise Above Limiting Thoughts




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Our thoughts often can feel like they are the truth. They stopping us from showing up authentically, from trying new things, and even from believing in our abilities despite our achievements. These thoughts are self-limiting and are rooted in a part of us that is often untapped: the subconscious mind.


Leveraging narrative identity and practices from psychology, you’ll learn about the root of self-doubt, how to deal with self-limiting thoughts, and how to rise above them to reclaim how you show up in the world.


Finding Your Authentic Power: Vision and Vulnerability Workshop




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Key to effective leadership is the ability to show up authentically and genuinely as you are in any space. This authentic power must be cultivated in us before it can ever truly make its impact in our lives.


Here we dive into the core elements of finding your authentic power: vision and vulnerability. You will leave this dynamic workshop with your own personalized vision, an understanding of how to use it to show up authentically in spaces that seem vulnerable, and a newfound confidence in your approach to becoming the leader of your vision come true.

Aligned Goal Setting for Success: Using The Head, Heart, and Hands to Create Goals You Can Conquer








Setting goals is easy – you identify something you need to do and you set out to do it, right? Sure, but does this always lead to success? To create goals that we can conquer, to grow in the ways we truly desire, we need more than just to name where we want to go. We need to call on all parts of ourselves to create the momentum to get there. We need to create goals that align with us completely.


Using psychology concepts like Carl Roger’s Ideal Self, in this workshop we create goals align with who we want to become, professionally and personally. Then we create uncover all the components that will help us reach success – leveraging the power of the head, heart, and hands.

"Working with Yasmin was not only seamless as far as event planning goes, but inspiring. Yasmin worked with my student org to help us envision our personal success through visualizing what that looked like to us as individuals. The workshop gave me a chance to think about what it felt like to be happy and be my authentic self. I won't lie, I was apprehensive entering the meditation portion but it proved to be the most beneficial part for me during the workshop. After reflecting during the mediation, I left that day with a better sense of what I value and what I want to prioritize as I go about achieving success. Yasmin was fun and easy to work when organizing this event and I truly believe it was one of the best and most beneficial events my student org has put on."

Danielle Kaplan, Director of External Affairs, Reaching OUT in Business


Authentic Success

What is is and how to achieve it.

Creator vs.

Victim Mode

What role do we play in our lives? How do we reclaim it?

Power of Vision

Creating a vision to design and lead our lives

Designing Your Own Life

Granting ourselves permission to reclaim our personal narratives


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